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WEFLO is UK brand registered internationally. WEFLO is a group of companies with legal entities in UK, USA, China . WEFLO designs, produces and sells valves under WEFLO brand as well as under customer brand, worldwide .

Weflo Valve Co., Ltd. specializes in the design and manufacture of valve and fire hydrant products for the world-wide fire protection,           waterworks, HVAC and industrial markets.

        The  Weflo Valve Co., Ltd. employs over 700 workers.

        This facility is ISO 9001:2015 Certified.

        WEFLO Valve Co., Ltd offers a full line of valve and hydrant products, including:

        Dry Barrel Fire Hydrants, American Water Works Standard C502. UL Listed/ FM Approved.

        Wet Barrel Fire Hydrants, American Water Works Standard C503. UL Listed/ FM Approved.

        Resilient Seated Post Indicator Gate Valves. UL Listed / FM Approved.

        UL Listed / FM Approved Vertical Indicator Posts.

        UL Listed / FM Approved Wall Indicator Posts.

        Large Diameter Resilient Seated Post Indicator Valves. UL Listed in sizes through 24”, at the highest rated pressure in the world.

        UL Listed Vertical Indicator Posts with Built-In Gear Drive. Sizes through      24”.

        UL Listed / FM Approved Swing Check Valves.

        UL Listed / FM Approved WYE Strainers and Basket Strainers.

        AWWA C500, AWWA C509, AWWA C515 Gate Valves.

        Globe Valves, Wafer Check Valves, Foot Valves, Suction Diffusers.

        AWWA Butterfly Valves.

        UL Listed / FM Approved Butterfly Valves. (with supervisory switch)

        Alarm Check Valves

        Deluge Alarm Valves

        Waterflow Detector

        Our products are sold all over the world:


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   Approved by the CSRC, WEFLO Valve Co., Ltd. was Public Listed successfully by Shenzhen Stock Exchange on May 11,2017. (Stock Code: 002871)


Weflo Valve company Ltd.

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